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Rebuilding and Restyling


There is a difference…

Whether it’s a big plan or minor modifications: With a P&T rebuilding project it here’s more possible than you think! The secret lies in the imaginative collaboration between our contractor and interior designer.

About us



Petra is practical and creative. Her motto 'it must be classy yet practical``.She has years of experiences in restyling (and redesign) of homes and buildings. She can read and write with her partner Tony. Creativity and technical knowledge makes P & T distinctive



Through his years of experience in building renovating of housing he has the knowledge to tackle every project. With a team of professionals he gets the job done with utmost precision!


Rebuilding Smart

If your choose P&T you choose smart. P&T does everything other  contractors do: placing an extension, dormer or new kitchen, stuc- and paintwork, remodeling of an office or shop. However, there is a difference.
Whether it’s big plans or minor modifications: At P&T there is more possible than you think! The secret lies in the imaginative collaboration between our contractor and interior designer.

From ideas to overview

Together with our interior designer you look at possibilities for decorating your home or business after the renovation. Our contractor translates these plans directly in technical applications. So get walls, doors, electrical outlets, lights, radiators and connections for equipment the best place directly. This practical approach makes your remodeling clear and affordable. That’s rebuilding clever!

% Client satisfaction
Realized rebuiding projects
Realized restyling projects


Great living ideas don’t have to be expensive

When decorating your home is all about creating the right atmosphere. Your atmosphere, which makes home the place you can really come home. Small, surprising details often makes big changes.

The interior designer of P&T makes interior plans for every budget. An overall restyling, an recommendation on colour use or handy tips on what the best or most convenient place for your furniture.

Decorating after rebuilding

You renovating your home, office or shop to live or work there with pleasure. Therefore P&T reconsiders from the start the atmosphere you have in mind (after the renovation). Playing with light, creating useful storage spaces, applying colour: who has in mind what the house or business premises will look like, lays the foundation for a successful renovation!

Looking inside

Looking inside

Below, you can “look inside” in the houses and premises where P&T recently completed. You will find examples of our completed renovations, decorating houses and combinations of both.


Good styling ideas don’t have to be expensive at all. Beautiful designs are in the details. Did you ever consider the use of accessories such as pillows with a striking print or a rug in a bright color? A special lamp could be a real eye catcher! Make an appointment with our interior designer for some ideas for your own home or business!

Our recent projects


We have P & T deployed on multiple projects' small painting projects, restyling apartments up to complete rebuilding projects. P&T is extremely flexible, affordable and is very pleasant to work with!
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Have you gathered inspirations and ideas?


P&T Rebuilding & Restyling V.O.F.

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